Brand New Shopping Centre and Cinemas coming to north-west Sydney!

In a significant milestone, we are excited that the design phase for the brand new shopping center and cinemas is progressing to its final stage. This achievement marks a remarkable collaboration between our expert teams at SSA, who have ingeniously crafted a hybrid design incorporating conventional and post-tension concrete structures, steel elements, and precast components. As we set our sights on the construction phase, the anticipation for this exceptional project continues to grow.

The synergy of different structural elements in this hybrid design is a testament to SSA’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Our engineers and designers have seamlessly integrated conventional construction methodologies with innovative techniques to ensure the shopping center and cinemas stand as icons of modern architecture. The combination of strength from concrete structures, flexibility from steel elements, and the efficiency of precast elements showcases our dedication to delivering projects that transcend conventional norms.

As we eagerly approach the construction phase, we extend our gratitude to our clients and partners who have shared in our vision for this remarkable project. Together, we are poised to witness the transformation of architectural blueprints into a tangible testament to design innovation.

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